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Sunday, April 13, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule in Pakistan Standard Time


FIFA World Cup 2014: Schedule


Full list of fixtures and kick-off times for the 2014 Fifa World Cup finals in Brazil. (Pakistan Standard Time)

Finally the FIFA World Cup 2014 schedule is being converted to Pakistan time by footyboom. Most of the matches will be played at night, eg (9PM, 12AM, 3AM midnight). Many of us were worried about the timings and wondering if the matches will be played in the morning or night, so no more worries. Below are the fixtures of FIFA World Cup 2014.

Let us know what are your plans for the World Cup and if you want to know more about the fixtures or have difficulties reading/understanding it just leave us a comment below.

Side-note:  Timings are updated, previous post

Friday 13 June
Brazil v. Croatia 01:00AM
Mexico v. Cameroon  09:00PM

Saturday 14 June
Spain v. Netherlands 12:00AM
Chile v. Australia 03:00AM
Colombia v. Greece 09:00PM

Sunday 15 June
Uruguay v. Costa Rica 12:00AM
England v. Italy 03:00AM
Côte d'Ivoire v. Japan 06:00AM
Switzerland v. Ecuador 09:00PM

Monday 16 June

France v. Honduras 12:00AM
Argentina v. Bosnia-Herzegovina 03:00AM
Germany v. Portugal 09:00PM

Tuesday 17 June
Iran v. Nigeria 12:00AM
Ghana v. USA 03:00AM
Belgium v. Algeria 09:00PM

Wednesday 18 June
Brazil v. Mexico 12:00AM
Russia v. South Korea 03:00AM
Australia v. Netherlands 09:00PM

Thursday 19 June
Spain v. Chile 12:00AM
Cameroon v. Croatia 03:00AM
Colombia v. Côte d'Ivoire 09:00PM

Friday 20 June
Uruguay v. England 12:00AM
Japan v. Greece 03:00AM
Italy v. Costa Rica 09:00PM

Saturday 21 June
Switzerland v. France 12:00AM
Honduras v. Ecuador 03:00AM
Argentina v. Iran 09:00PM

Sunday 22 June
Germany v. Ghana 12:00AM
Nigeria v. Bosnia-Herzegovina 03:00AM
Belgium v. Russia 09:00PM

Monday 23 June
South Korea v. Algeria 12:00AM
USA v. Portugal 03:00AM
Australia v. Spain 09:00PM
Netherlands v. Chile 09:00PM

Tuesday 24 June
Cameroon v. Brazil 01:00AM
Croatia v. Mexico 01:00AM
Costa Rica v. England 09:00PM
Italy v. Uruguay 09:00PM

Wednesday 25 June
Greece v. Côte d'Ivoire 01:00AM
Japan v. Colombia 01:00AM
Bosnia-Herzegovina v. Iran 09:00PM
Nigeria v. Argentina 09:00PM

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Thursday 26 June
Ecuador v. France 01:00AM
Honduras v. Switzerland 01:00AM
Portugal v. Ghana 09:00PM
USA v. Germany 09:00PM

Friday 27 June
Algeria v. Russia 01:00AM
South Korea v. Belgium 01:00AM

-Round of 16-

Saturday 28 June
Brazil v Chile 09:00PM

Sunday 29 June
Colombia v Uruguay 01:00AM
Netherlands v Mexico 09:00PM

Monday 30 June
Costa Rica v Greece 01:00AM
France v Nigeria  09:00PM

Tuesday 1 July
Germany v Runner-up Group-H 01:00AM
Argentina v Switzerland 09:00PM

Wednesday 2 July
USA v Winner Group-H 01:00AM


Friday 4 July
France v Germany - 09:00PM

Saturday 5 July
Brazil v Colombia - 01:00AM
Argentina v Belgium - 09:00PM

Sunday 6 July
Netherlands v Costa Rica - 01:00AM


Wednesday 9 July
Germany v Brazil - 01:00AM

Thursday 10 July
Netherlands v Argentina - 01:00AM

-3rd/4th place match-

Sunday 13 July
Brazil v Netherlands - 01:00AM


Monday 14 July
Germany v Argentina - 12:00AM
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